The Bailey Lighthouse marks the southern tip of Howth Head and guides approximately 50 large container ships into Dublin Port each day. It is visible from approximately 36 miles on any night-time passage to Dublin.  Photo. SHB.

The Bailey as seen from Derek Coffey's "Bendemeer" in strong winds on 19th August 2019. Derek, Paul, and Fia aboard. Photo. FOC.

Amanda, Anette, JJ, and Fia. Sat 17th Aug 2019.

Passing the Bailey Lighthouse aboard Derek Coffey's "Bendemeer". Derek, Paul, and Fia aboard. Paul on tiller. Monday 19th August 2019.

Passing the Bailey in calm weather. Solo from Howth to DL. September 2018. FOC

Michael, Joe, and Mona in rough waters, and routing

from Howth Head. March 2018, Photo FOC

Michael Flaherty giving an impromptu (and entirely unsolicited) potted history of the Bailey Lighthouse as the boat glides by.

Indeed, you might even call it "living history"!   Summer 2018.

Aimee and Carina returning from Howth. Also aboard are Mum, Ead, Emily, and Naomi. Summer 2017.

The Bailey Lighthouse as seen from the Cliff Walk. Photo SHB.

A good crew for a January morning. Len, Fia, Peter, Michael, Derek (helm), and Joe (doing nothing at the stern). 25 knots. 2 degrees. Sunshine. Jan 2018.

Rounding Howth Head on the way back from Carlingford, Co Louth. July 2016.

Mochael Flaherty and Fia, off Howth Head. Lifeboat in the background. September 2018.

Tony McGregor, Derek Coffey, Michael Flaherty, and Fia in light airs out in Dublin Bay. 19th October 2019. Photo FOC.

"The old man and the sea". Robbie Ryan and friends out in a blow with us in April of 2018. Great characters, and a most exciting morning out on the water.

The Bailey Lighthouse as photographed from Bendemere on 18th Aug 2019.

S/Y Neidin with Joe Behan at the helm. Fia on winches. Routing from Howth Head to Dun Laoghaire in 35 to 42 knots of wind. 9 to 10 knots of boat speed. A stunning days sailing in extraordinary conditions. Despite the blow we had no difficulty parking the boat in Dun Laoghaire. See video of this passage. 19th Aug 2019.

Derek, Paul, and Fia off Howth Head in "Bendemere" on 18th August 2019.

Night exercises off Howth. Eoin Collins at the helm on 19th Aug 2017.

Serious sailing in busy waters adjacent to the shipping lane off Howth Head. Derek is on the helm. Fia on the winches, and Joe on point. February 2018.

Sometimes you just have to go on the mitch! Fia, Michael, Derek, and Tony abandoning the office on Wednesday 15th Aug 2019 for a delightful trip across Dublin Bay.