A few of the myths and mysteries of sailing explained:


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The physics of sailing !

The sail is the equivalent of an aircraft wing, producing "lift" to draw the boat forwards.

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Aerfiol theory explained !


The theory of sailing !

Kish Lighthouse, Co Dublin.

Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin

Arriving home. fotoliaFOC.jpg

Hook Head Lighthouse.


Skellig Michael, Co Kerry


Tuskar Rock Lighthouse.

Barleycove Beach, Cork.

Slade Harbour, Co Wexford


Dunquinn Harbour, Kerry.

Downings, Co Donegal.

Tory Island, Co Donegal.

Wicklow Head Lighthouse

Colliemore Harbour, Dublin.

Donaghadee, Co Down.

Lambay Island, Co Dublin.

Victoria Canal, Newry.

Bailey Lighthouse, Dublin.

Caledonian Canal, Scotland

Kilkee, Co Clare.

Portmagee, Co Kerry.

The Aran Islands.

Puffin Island, Co Kerry.

Loop Head Lighthouse.

The Giant's Causeway.

The keel provides ballast

to keep the boat upright, and to prevent it slipping sideways through the water.

The rudder provides a lateral force to allow steerage, and to counteract the turning forces produced by the sails/ heeled hull.

The trick is to "stick" the passing air onto your sails in such a way that it keeps your "tell-tales" flying.

Setting the sails to match the weather conditions is the key to safe enjoyable cruising.


It's all about sail shape! 

It's all about sail shape! 

It's all about sail shape! 

It's all about sail shape!